Look at these people g c/G
Amazing how sheep'll g c/G
Show up for the slaughter g Ddim
No one condemning you g c/G
Lined up like lemmings g c/G
You led to the water g Ddim
Why can’t they see what I see? g c
Why can’t they hear the lies? g c
Maybe the fees too pricey for them to realize g c g
Your disguise is slipping Fisdim g c/G g
I think you’re slipping! c/G g c
Now that your saviour g c/G
Is still as the grave g c/G
You’re beginning to fear me! g Ddim
Like cavemen fear thunder g c/G
I still have to wonder g c/G
Can you really hear me? g Ddim
I bring you pain c
The kind you can’t suffer quietly g c Ddim
Fire up your brain c
Remind you inside your rioting g
Society is slipping Fisdim g c/G g
Everything’s slipping away… c.G g c/G D
Go ahead, run away g B
Say it was horrible! c D
Spread the word, tell a friend g B
Tell them the tale c D
Get a pic, do a blog g B
Heroes are over with! c D
Look at him, not a word g B
Hammer meet Nail! c D
Then I win, then I get c B
Everything I ever c D
All the cash, all the fame g B
And social change c D
Anarchy, that I run g B
It’s Dr. Horrible’s turn c D
You peo - ple all have to learn D Dis D Dis D Dis Fis
This world is going to D Dis D Dis D Dis
burn! g
Burn! g
[yeah, it’s two r’s- h-o-r-r, right]
Burn! g
No sign of Penny g c/G
Good, I would give anything g c/G
Not to have her see g Ddim
It’s gonna be bloody g c/G
Head up Billy Buddy g c/G
There’s no time for mercy g Ddim
Here goes no mercy! g Ddim